About Purpose

PURPOSE is a interdisciplinary web site describing the broader issues in the area of entrepreneurship, culture and creativity. This is an educational, informational and promotional tool directed to people who are interested in building their careers in cultural and creative industries – knowledge-based economy.

Readers of PURPOSE magazine are representatives of media and PR, culture representatives, artists, designers, students, lecturers, employees in cultural institutions and municipalities, teachers of: arts human sciences, business and technical faculties. PURPOSE is the oldest thematic website directed towards development and popularization of entrepreneurship in culture and creative sector in Poland.

Maciej Mazerant — graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz and Polish Academy of Sciences in cultural managment area. Editor of PURPOSE magazine published by his company – European Culture Consulting Culture Factory. Manager of culture and creative projects in education and science areas. Expert in rising European Union funds and managing projects. He is an initiator of some in the field of culture and entrepreneurship including Agroarte, Kreatywny Szlak Województwa Łódzkiego (Creative route of Lodz region) and Kreatywni Samozatrudnieni (Creative Self-employed) – with purpose of Lodz region citizens' development. He has cooperated with Politechnika Łódzka (Lodz Technical University), Uniwersytet Łódzki (University of Lodz), Polska Akademia Nauk (Polish Academy of Sciences), Municipality of Lodz, Marshal's Office, Medical University in Lodz and branch organizations from cultural, tourism and science sectors.

maja_ruszkowska-mazerantMaja Ruszkowska-Mazerant — graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. She has been a chief editor of  PURPOSE since 2004, where she has been responsible for meritorical and graphic side of implementing social, educational and promotional ventures. She is co-owner of European Culture Consulting Culture Factory, PURPOSE magazine publishing company. She specializes in public relations and promotion, takes care of graphic view of projects and coordinates projects financed by EU funds.

artur_zagulaArtur Zaguła — art historian dealing with his profession with both passion and distance for 20 years. He gained his experience as a custodian in Museum of Fine Arts in Lodz and teacher in Fine Arts High School in Lodz and nowadays he is an academic at the Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning, Technical University of Lodz. Year 2004 he defended his PhD thesis titled: "Origins of the New Modernism in the architecture of the British 80s.". It was also honoured by Minister for Infrastructure in competition for the diploma thesis, doctoral, habilitation and publications in 2004. He held a scholarship of British Council at MA Art & Architecture during years 1994-1995 in Kent Institute of Art Design in Canterbury. Today he implements habilitation grant for contemporary architecture, bestowed to him in the contest by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. He is also active in social field as a member of Association of Art Historians where he currently sits in the Main Board. His interests extend far beyond the strict scope of art history - philosophy, literature, music, and above all cultural ties with business and creative industries. He has personal experience in that area - he has worked as a marketing director in private company and has cooperated in creating PURPOSE magazine for several years.

Tomasz Kaczkowski — born in 1978, graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz in Textiles Department. As his diploma piece he created collection of carpets with motives of wounded Batman and airplanes on fire. His works are multi-dimensional graphic stories created on ruins of modern world. He reaches for the creatures and scary beings from childhood, which he transformes and places in darker contexts which aren't deprived of humor and irony of everyday life. Singer in Wieże Fabryk band. He has cooperated with Purpose for five years taking care of graphic outlook of the magazine. Author of pictures placed in Kuba Wandachowicz columns which has been published in PURPOSE magazine archives.