Interview with Paulo Goldstein


Paulo Goldstein, designer / artist / model maker, talks about work and life choices.

Graduated… in MA Industrial Design from Central Saint Martins (London) 2012 and before that in Fine Arts from FAAP 2003 in Brazil.

My education gave me as a result…
the tools and opportunities to challenge myself and the “things” around me.

I live in… London most of the time and sometimes in São Paulo.

My profession is…
making things as a designer / artist / model maker.

This profession taught me..
. to ask question, to search for answers that might be unexpected and endure on the process.

My advice for people thinking about this profession...
observe what happens around you, pay attention to details, patterns of behavior, develop your own rhythm of work and think while you are making.  

The most important tool for my work is... accept mistakes, create problems and less sometimes is just less.

Most of my daytime I spent on...
doing mundane things.

Teamwork is for me... a social experiment where depending on the ingredients might turn into something amazing or attempt of murder.

What I like to do the most is...
finding myself in “the zone”, that moment when you realize that your brain synapses are putting the problem with a good solution and suddenly it all makes sense and you know what to do and you recognize that you are in a rare “creative moment”.

My clients are...
not aware that I exist.

Work is for me... one side of the coin.

The most difficult aspect of my work is... that I’m extremely curious, which is good but sometimes it triggers my “makers obsession” of wanting to make things.

Competition is for me... a part of the business that I’m not a big fan, but sometimes is a necessary evil.

I am inspired by... human ingenuity, improvisation, workshop, sculpture, materials, rejected things, films…all sort of things that we are exposed in an everyday life.

While I rest... I just want to rest, but I keep thinking about the next thing to make.

If I had more time… I would keep whishing for more time.

First money I earned I have spent on… McDonalds to survive a 3 hours traffic jam.  

If I wasn’t who I am, I would…
be a dentist.

I am proud of…
risking everything when I was 25.

It’s the most difficult to reconcile with... yourself once you realize you made the wrong choice.

When I think about the future...
I look back to my family and hope to have the same quality of life that they gave me.

The closest challenge… is to push myself out of my comfort zone.

The biggest success... was to work for Tim Burton in his stop-motion “Frankenwennie”.

The most important decision in my life… was to leave everything behind in Brazil and try a new life in Europe.

The biggest defeat in my life… was painful as hell and I’m still learning from it.

The most important words I ever heard… “Is that all you can do?”

My country means for me... the richest culture I could ever imagine to be born at and where my family is.

Connection in between culture and business is… complicate.