From Lascaux to series on-line

Arkadiusz Biedrzycki

Man is vain by nature. For ages looks at oneself with the great attention. Like nothing - but himself - was interesting in the world.  The same kind of narcissism which whispered to people living in cave in Lascaux to immortalize their hauntings on the rock appeared at Lumiere brothers, who wanted to watch real life on the screen. It's similar with the narcissism we see in present-day spectator who changed cinema chair into more or less comfortable chair in front of PC.

Together with keyboard and mouse he has been given enormous power. Because he realized that not only can he decide on what and when to watch, but also that he can have direct influence on this imaginary world of moving pictures, which by the way is his world. The appearance of the Internet as a medium - I mean more and more dynamic market of VOD - resulted in change of the cinema reception model. Communication in which considerable role is that of a director, distributor who not only decide on the histories we watch, where we watch them but also how we watch has gone into the past. 

In the last decade the disappearance of so called trends in cinema and blossoming of various topics, appearance of totally new genres prove one thing - cinema became exclusive entertainment also because it's no longer up to a few of specialists to decide about it. Release of the great creative power hidden in so called "ordinary spectator" resulted in an avalanche of changes in the film industry.

Not so long ago, a digital camera seemed to be the revolution and led to flood of independent cinema. Fast discredited film makers from the 90's, who due to lack of funds couldn't cope with the quality Hollywood accustomed us to, have nothing to do but look at DSLR market with hope. Using the terminology of genius media theoretic Marshall McLuhan, it a natural consequence of those changes to pass not only the medium but also the influence on it to ordinary "Smith". Boldness and fantasy of this suggestion are slowly becoming normal. An example of such solutions may be the first series "Bar Karma" created in cooperation with the Internet community. The internauts were given the possibility to brain storm and create the next episode, and everything happens on-line. Emphasizing active cooperation instead of passive reception slowly settles in spectators' consciousness. 

What used to be the privilege of computer games fans is steadily moving towards film. What's interesting, we encounter this kind of activity in Poland. Series On-line - new initiative which on every level - from the contest through the scenario to the final product - aims at the respect for spectator's decision, fills with optimism. Let's hope Polish internauts will appreciate the level of its avant-garde of this offer and for the moment will take the role of film pioneers over.

Text by Arkadiusz Biedrzycki

Arkadiusz Biedrzycki – Graduate of film theory at Jaggielloński University and Script Laboratory organized by Studio Munka, and a direction student at WRITV at Silesia University in Katowice. In 2008 took part in ""“Passion to Market” joint initiative of film schools from Łódź (PWSTViF), London (NFTS) and Paris (La Femis) which promotes modern models of film production. He's the author of documentaries e.g. "“Utopia u pani Lidki” which were created in cooperation with Polish Television. In 2009 within the scope of Polish Filmmakers Association the First Documentary, Biedrzycki made “Krajobraz nizinny z kołyską” which was his official debut.  His short etude "“Pick up” represented WRiTV Silesia University on the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography 2009 and numerous festivals around the world. Currently, he's working on his 30-minute feature debut. In the past a film expert and critic working for Kino i Splot, currently a scriptwriter and director. Lives in Kraków. Co-director of Series On-line.

Series On-line – The first in Poland series created together with internauts. Special task has been provided for the spectators. They'll be included in the process of creation and have influence on the shape of every episode. The most active and creative ones will be awarded. The script of Series On-line "“Audio-Video Team” by Jakub Smorawski was selected in two-stage contest in which the internauts had the final decision. Project is supported by Sławomir Idziak and Xawery Żuławski - jury member.

no 67 January 2013

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