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Maciej Mazerant,
publisher of Purpose

To create a film is not a problem anymore. Each of us has such a possibility thanks to the widely accessible tools. A mobile phone with video recorder, cameras with professional parameters, low price is a standard, editing software in each computer of one specific brand is included in price. Just shoot a film. Questions arise when it comes to the choice of the topic. That is when life gives us the helping hand and brings the whole range of topics.

In the context of widespread access to the tools and topics the question is whether the traditional film is a form irretrievably overtaken by amateurs? Are the new technologies the only thing that can surprise and interest us in the cinema? And can anyone in Poland make a good movie, gain recognition and make money?

In this issue we will show the experience of the film creators as well as other people, who see their career in the film industry. The Interview presents the talk with Sławomir Fijałkowski, the owner of Charlie Cinema in Łódź, which is the independent cinema. In analysis, Artur Zaguła, Ph.D, undertakes to estimate the meaning of the film in the context of other plastic arts. Career in culture is a meeting with Dawid Marcinkowski - the author of Sufferrosa, project awarded abroad which is an interactive film existing thanks to the Internet. Jakub Czekaj is the character of our next section Young Culture. From the interview with the director we can learn what are the things he loses himself in or whether he likes all of his characters - ugly ones, beautiful, small and big. We also recommend the article written by Agnieszka Furmańczyk, which presents product placement and gives some advice for us and our kids on how to fight against importunate adverts. Sergiusz Wasilewski, in Workshops, shares the secret knowledge of Video CV - if you want to know more - read the article. "Man is vain by nature. For ages looks at oneself with the great attention. Like nothing - besides himself - in the world was interesting" it's the beginning of the feature by Arkadiusz Biedrzycki... but you don't recognize the author from his beginning, but from the way he ends. We recommend the whole feature and extremely interesting initiative Serial in the Internet.  

Finally, we invite to read the interview with the authors of Filmteractive festival, for which the starting point and the most important value is - as the authors claim - the idea, project that can be used later. The beauty of the new media lies in the concept saying you don't need expensive equipment to carry the breakthrough ideas out. Is that true? We will find out between 22 -23 September in Łódź during the first edition of the project. Today, we can learn from the interview how did the festival come into existence and what plans for the future its organizers have.

Enjoy reading the latest issue of Purpose.

Cover: Dawid Marcinkowski - Sufferrosa

Photographed: Beata Tyszkiewicz

Photo by: Radek Ładczuk

Whole issue 67. translated by Aleksandra Słomińska

no 67 January 2013

theme of the issue:


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